My Name is Izabell. I am from a small and very beautiful country called Bulgaria.

I am a civil engineer and architect by education. Before I set up my studio, I worked as a construction engineer, then for many years as an architect. I have always loved to paint and to create things with my hands and during the years I went on experimenting with different techniques and materials. It took me a long time to figure out where my heart was drawn to and to gather the courage to make my passion and my hobby a major activity. To this day, it continues to bring me the greatest satisfaction, freedom, and joy in life.

As a self-taught artist, I developed my skills in the work process, from experience and the most important lessons I learned from my mistakes. Experimentation and spontaneity are what guides me in my work. That's why I rarely repeat something already done. Usually, I create figures of people and animals.  Each of my works tells it`s own story and provokes a unique emotion.

We were all children, but with age, we often lose our childlike nature, the nature we’re born with. Sometimes we get so serious that we get lost in that seriousness. My art invites people to revive and rediscover the precious, playful and spontaneous part of us. When I create, I immerse myself in joy and excitement, I feel like children when they play. That`s why my goal is to pass on this joy to people and to provoke the playfulness in them.​

I am most happy when I see the magical connection between the sculpture and its owner, the creation of friendship and closeness between them.



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Sofia, Bulgaria    

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